Large trees are beautiful additions to any property, but most tree owners neglect to look after them. Overgrown trees can become sick or become pest infested. At the very least, they look less appealing. When your tree is starting to grow undesirably, it is time to call a tree service. But tree trimming and pruning are not for amateurs, so it’s important to pick a reliable tree service.

Corrective Pruning

Corrective pruning is a process that involves manipulating the direction that a tree grows. It can also be necessary to allow more light to penetrate the canopy, leading to better tree health and more flowers the following season.

Corrective pruning can be necessary to remove an infestation or disease. It also allows it to grow in a more optimal direction, and can prevent the tree from falling during a storm or windy day. A qualified and experienced tree surgeon will be able to advise on which limbs to remove first.


Given enough space, trees will grow sideways including low branches. Elevating involves trimming the lower branches of a tree. This might be needed to achieve clearance for vehicles or people. Clearing low hanging branches ensures safe tree growth and keeps branches growing where they’re needed.

Certified and experienced arborists will be able to elevate your trees safely and effectively to ensure healthy vertical tree growth. This is where you need Arbor North Tree services. We provide this and other essential arborist services.


Without proper maintenance, trees will grow branches on their interior. This denser structure is good for shade but it can be harmful for the tree. It is important to ensure a healthy amount of sunlight can reach all of the branches, so it may be necessary to thin your tree.

Neglecting the structure and health of your trees can lead to pests and dead parts in your tree. You can trust Arbor North to thin your tree and advise on other services your tree may be needing. Our certified and experienced tree sugeons work fast and safe to take care of your tree.

What our customers say

We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years and have recommended them to countless friends. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail, always clean up after themselves and most importantly, they know what they are doing. They cut metres off enormous cottonwood hedges in a way that ensure they regrow in a strong and balanced form. I have used them to lop trees, trim hedges, cut back ivy and shape trees. They provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Porters CA Chartered A.
Porters CA Chartered A.
08:17 09 Apr 20
We had a big branch come down recently. John and the team arrived on time and had the tree removed quickly. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again 🙂
Colleen L.
Colleen L.
06:58 05 Mar 20
Great service provided by the team at a very reasonable price. Left the garden looking amazing and very clean and tidy. Would highly recommend these guys!
Steve M.
Steve M.
03:24 06 Aug 20
Love this business. We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail and provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. We have used them to lop trees, cut back enormous cottonwoods, trim hedges, shape trees and more. In all areas they have provided a meticulous service and they clean up after themselves. Highly recommended.
Porters CA A.
Porters CA A.
08:42 09 Apr 20
Small family run business. Have been using these guys for the past 15 years and would happily recommend them to anyone wanting a reliable, cost effective 5 star service.
Joanne C.
Joanne C.
01:00 20 Mar 20



The one thing that makes trained professionals good at what they do is that apart from possessing the right skills, they have the right tools. Having the right tools and equipment ensures the branch removal goes without a hitch.


Having tree lopping experts remove your tree for you saves you time because, with the right equipment at their disposal, they can get the job done efficiently. How will you save money using Arbor North Tree Services? Well, if you were to do it on your own, you’d have to incur the cost of hiring the equipment necessary for the task. Thus, you would incur more cost and risk as compared to hiring a professional tree trimming service to do it for you with their specialised tools.


It is important to note that tree lopping is very dangerous, especially when working with a larger tree. However, professionals know how to conduct branch removal safely. They have safety equipment that reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to your property. In the case of an accident, they are well trained and equipped to properly handle the issue.


Working with a professional tree lopping service will keep your property tidy even after the dirty work of cutting down the branches. Our arborists conduct thorough cleanup services after the procedure, which maintains the beauty of your property.

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