As a tree lover, you would do anything to ensure that your trees are in good health, shape, and appearance. One thing that’s for sure is that maintaining a tree has never been an easy task. There are diseases you know nothing about and difficult maintenance practices that have to be followed, which might prove challenging for you to handle by yourself. 

However, at Arbor North, we would like to assure you that you are not alone in your tree growing journey. We have a team of trained and qualified arborists that will be with you every step of the way as you take care of your trees.

With regular tree consulting in Perth, you will be able to get advice on how to properly take care of trees so that they remain healthy and beautiful.

Why do I need tree care consulting?

There are several reasons as to why you would need the services of a tree care consultant. One, it is essential for the safety of people and property. Trees are crucial to our daily life; they are beneficial to your health and general well-being, but they can also pose a problem in some situations like during heavy storms.

If the tree gets damaged in a storm, you will need to contact a tree expert to analyse the situation and provide advice on how best that situation should be handled.

It is important to remember that tree consultant services do not include the manual work; it is only the professional advice that’s offered. If you need the arborist to also help with the removal, treatment, or trimming, you will have to incur some extra costs.

What our customers say

Great service provided by the team at a very reasonable price. Left the garden looking amazing and very clean and tidy. Would highly recommend these guys!
Steve M.
Steve M.
03:24 06 Aug 20
We had a big branch come down recently. John and the team arrived on time and had the tree removed quickly. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again 🙂
Colleen L.
Colleen L.
06:58 05 Mar 20
Love this business. We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail and provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. We have used them to lop trees, cut back enormous cottonwoods, trim hedges, shape trees and more. In all areas they have provided a meticulous service and they clean up after themselves. Highly recommended.
Porters CA A.
Porters CA A.
08:42 09 Apr 20
We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years and have recommended them to countless friends. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail, always clean up after themselves and most importantly, they know what they are doing. They cut metres off enormous cottonwood hedges in a way that ensure they regrow in a strong and balanced form. I have used them to lop trees, trim hedges, cut back ivy and shape trees. They provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Porters CA Chartered A.
Porters CA Chartered A.
08:17 09 Apr 20
Small family run business. Have been using these guys for the past 15 years and would happily recommend them to anyone wanting a reliable, cost effective 5 star service.
Joanne C.
Joanne C.
01:00 20 Mar 20

Who needs a tree care consulting arborist?


Law firms

If the firm is representing a case where there is tree damage involved, they will need an arborist to help with the investigation.


Insurance reports

When determining probable cause for risk, insurance companies can use the services of a tree care consultant to determine if a tree was the cause of the damage or not.


Land developers

Before any development project is done in an area with trees, the land developer has to seek permission from the council, which will then ask the developer to get an arborist report. At this point, the developer will have to use a tree care consultant for the report.



Our tree care consultants are well trained in providing expert advice, specific to the surrounding landscape. As the landscaper is designing, the arborist’s input is vital in ensuring that the landscape design meets the requirements of the trees.


Without proper care, a trees health can silently go downhill. When you notice, it is often too late. It is easier to be proactive in caring for your trees than it is to correct or remove them entirely. It can be cost-effective to have a certified expert look after trees in critical areas as their health is very important for the safety and appearance of the area. 


If you need information on the health of your trees, how to take care of them, hiring a tree care expert is necessary.

It is important to note that tree care consulting can only be effective if there is a continued collaboration between the tree expert and you. Follow up on reports and update the consultant on any issues with your trees. In the end, you will have strong, healthy, and beautiful trees gracing your property.

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