After you’ve successfully removed the tree, you are now left with a sturdy and ugly stump to where the tree was held. At this point, you can either have it removed or leave it to decay. If you opt for removal, then you will have to decide whether to grind it or have the entire stump uprooted.
If you consider factors such as the complexity of uprooting a stump, time taken, and impact on the landscape, you will realize that stump grinding is the best option. But what is it?

What is Stump grinding?

Stump grinding is an effective method of tree stump removal. It is carried out by using a special machine known as a stump grinder that only grinds the stump without pulling out the roots. The benefit of stump grinding is that the wood chips obtained from the process can even be used as mulch. 

Why remove a tree stump?

To prevent crop diseases

It is important to note that after removing a tree if the stump is left in the yard, it begins to decay. Over time, termites and other pests will make the stump their habitat. Some of these pests can be dangerous to crops in your yard, and that’s why you need to have the stump removed.
It fades the beauty of your compound
Let’s face it; a decaying stump does not appeal to the eye. It can significantly diminish your other efforts in ensuring that your landscape remains beautiful.

avoid obstruction or damage to equipment

If you cut a tree from your farm, the stump left behind will limit you when mowing or cultivating. If by accident, your equipment hits the stump, they can get damaged, which will only lead to greater losses. So, why not avert such risks and have the tree stump removed?

What our customers say

We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years and have recommended them to countless friends. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail, always clean up after themselves and most importantly, they know what they are doing. They cut metres off enormous cottonwood hedges in a way that ensure they regrow in a strong and balanced form. I have used them to lop trees, trim hedges, cut back ivy and shape trees. They provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Porters CA Chartered A.
Porters CA Chartered A.
08:17 09 Apr 20
Great service provided by the team at a very reasonable price. Left the garden looking amazing and very clean and tidy. Would highly recommend these guys!
Steve M.
Steve M.
03:24 06 Aug 20
We had a big branch come down recently. John and the team arrived on time and had the tree removed quickly. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again 🙂
Colleen L.
Colleen L.
06:58 05 Mar 20
Love this business. We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail and provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. We have used them to lop trees, cut back enormous cottonwoods, trim hedges, shape trees and more. In all areas they have provided a meticulous service and they clean up after themselves. Highly recommended.
Porters CA A.
Porters CA A.
08:42 09 Apr 20
Small family run business. Have been using these guys for the past 15 years and would happily recommend them to anyone wanting a reliable, cost effective 5 star service.
Joanne C.
Joanne C.
01:00 20 Mar 20

What are the benefits of stump grinding?

Creates space for other activities

By removing the tree stumps, you can create more space for you to plant additional trees and even crops. If you are a small-scale farmer, then you understand the value of maximizing every inch of your land, and that’s what stump removal will help you to achieve. It can also give space for construction activities.

It eliminates unwanted sprouts

Have you noticed that once a tree stump is left unattended, some sprouts begin to appear after some time? Removing the tree stumps will ensure that such growth does not happen. Sprouts are unattractive and can cause damage to other plants as they compete for nutrients. Arbor North specialise in grinding stumps in the Perth area and can help you in solving such a menace.

It makes the farm safe for your equipment

As already stated above, the risk that tree stumps pose on your farm equipment is high. Therefore, by grinding the tree stump, you will have removed the obstacle and made it safe to use your land mower, and tractors. Otherwise, is it not wise to grind the stump off instead of incurring repair costs every other time?

Remember that it is more advisable to work with a professional stump remover as they know how deep to grind a stump, without causing any damage.

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