Safety, beauty, and value. This is what everyone would want to get from their palm trees in Perth. But are you aware it takes more than planting and watering the tree for it to offer such benefits?

You will need to continually prune the branches for the trees to grow healthy and beautiful. However, it is essential to note that palm tree pruning is best done by professional arborists that understand how it is supposed to be done. Read on to learn more about Perth palm tree trimming.

When should you prune a palm tree?

As experts, we strongly recommend that you trim your palm trees during spring. Why? This is because the dry fonds which may not be attractive, play a significant role in ensuring that the palm tree is protected from the excess heat experienced during summer and the cold during spring.

You will know that your palm trees need to be trimmed once the oldest fonds begin to turn brown, dry up, and eventually die. This is something that occurs every year, which means that palm tree trimming can only be done once a year.

Remember that when trimming, tools used in cutting have to be well sterilized so that they do not spread infections to the trees.

What our customers say

We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years and have recommended them to countless friends. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail, always clean up after themselves and most importantly, they know what they are doing. They cut metres off enormous cottonwood hedges in a way that ensure they regrow in a strong and balanced form. I have used them to lop trees, trim hedges, cut back ivy and shape trees. They provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Porters CA Chartered A.
Porters CA Chartered A.
08:17 09 Apr 20
Love this business. We have been using Arbor North Tree Services for many years. They are reliable, highly skilled, pay attention to detail and provide a fabulous service for a reasonable price. We have used them to lop trees, cut back enormous cottonwoods, trim hedges, shape trees and more. In all areas they have provided a meticulous service and they clean up after themselves. Highly recommended.
Porters CA A.
Porters CA A.
08:42 09 Apr 20
We had a big branch come down recently. John and the team arrived on time and had the tree removed quickly. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again 🙂
Colleen L.
Colleen L.
06:58 05 Mar 20
Small family run business. Have been using these guys for the past 15 years and would happily recommend them to anyone wanting a reliable, cost effective 5 star service.
Joanne C.
Joanne C.
01:00 20 Mar 20
Great service provided by the team at a very reasonable price. Left the garden looking amazing and very clean and tidy. Would highly recommend these guys!
Steve M.
Steve M.
03:24 06 Aug 20

Benefits of trimming your palm trees

It helps the trees to thrive

When your palm trees are trimmed, it ensures that there is nothing that’s going to deter their growth. As your palm tree grows old, it becomes heavier and exerts excess weight on itself. In the end, some parts break and crack off.

By trimming the palm tree, the heavy and old branches are removed, which ensures that there’s nothing causing damage to the tree.

It enhances the area’s beauty

As we already stated, trimming your trees is one of the ways that you get to increase their appearance. If you are managing a commercial property, you understand how important the aesthetics of the property matters. 

Even if you want to sell your residential home, you need to ensure that the tree is well-trimmed to leave a good first impression on buyers. By trimming your trees, it improves their tidiness- which shows how much you care about your customers and the property.

Prevents fire hazards

It is essential to point out that palm fronds often dry out quickly. If allowed to stay on the tree, that increases the risk of a fire hazard- Just one spark and the entire tree will go up in flames. And if you have many palm trees growing together, you can only imagine how fast and terribly the fire can spread.

Why should you hire an arborist for palm tree trimming?

There are many reasons as to why you should only let a professional carry out the palm tree trimming. One, it is for your safety. The arborist has the expertise and tools to carry out the job without putting anyone or property at risk.

Secondly, palm tree trimming cost is lower with professionals. Hiring a professional company trimming company costs way less compared to you hiring the equipment and taking time to prune. Remember time is money and the most valuable asset, so why not save it by having an afforable arborist carry out the trimming?

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