If you choose to have a tree removed in Perth, you will generally need permission from the local authority, and often, you will be asked to provide a tree report otherwise known as an arborist report.

What is an arborist report?

In simple terms, an arborist report is a document prepared and signed by a certified arborist that’s presented to your local council after inspecting your trees. The arborist report has information that concerns the health, value, and general state of your trees. This document can even be used in the court of law if need be.

Where can you get an arborist report?

It is essential to point out that you should only get your arborist report from a certified arborist and not any person that claims to be a tree expert or general landscape expert. If you need this document so that you can get permission to remove a tree, you will be in a better position to get approval if the arborist is reputable and proven.

Arbor North has been providing tree reports for years and can help with any queries you may have about the tree removal rules and procedures.

What our customers say

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Why is an Arborist Report so Important?

It helps to prove your case when applying to remove a tree. Sometimes you might just want to alter the appearance of your tree, but you are not sure of how to go about it. If you are in such a situation, then getting an arborist report is recommended. We can inspect the tree and give you helpful advice on the state of your tree along with an arborist report.

In some cases, your tree may only need a little pruning, and we will do that for you. You can also hire us to carry out regular inspection and tree servicing so that we ensure that it is always in good health.

An arborist report is also useful in finding out the health of your tree in comprehensive detail, based on the results of the inspection. Our Arborist reports are useful for more than just council approval.

Cost of an arborist report

Well, the cost of getting an arborist report will vary depending on where you get it from. Different arborists charge differently. However, ensure that you carry out due diligence when looking for an arborist as to not end up paying too much for a document that you would have gotten at a lower cost from another certified arborist. Your best option would be to call Arbor North Tree Services and book your free quote.

Does an arborist report guarantee approval for removal?

Absolutely no. Getting an arborist report does not mean that you are guaranteed to obtain permission to remove the trees. The council only requires this document as a second opinion alongside the council’s opinion.  The decision to either permit you to remove the tree or not is only reached after careful consideration of the council.

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